Bear Foot

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Bear Foot
Owner and Driver Information
Owner Paul Shafer
Driver(s) Various
Home city Portage, IN
Truck Information
Year created 1979
Body style 2004 Dodge Ram
Engine Hemi

Bear Foot is a monster truck currently owned by Paul Shafer. It was originally built by Jack Wilman and Fred Shafer (no relation to Paul) and, along with Bigfoot and USA-1 was one of the first monster trucks. It won the 1990, 1992, and 1993 USHRA Camel Mud and Monsters championships. Originally a Chevrolet, it became a Dodge in 1992 as a result of a factory sponsorship which lasted until 1997. Shortly thereafter, the truck was sold and Fred retired from the sport at the age of 50.

The truck was, for a long time, the primary rival of Bigfoot, and their meetings were heavily promoted.[citation needed] Today, the truck runs largely for Paul Shafer's own promotion.

In April 2008, Fred Shafer was inducted into the Official Monster Truck Hall of Fame.[1]

In 1985, the truck appeared in the music video for ZZ Top's single "Sleeping Bag", as well as appearing along with the smaller "Lil' Bear Foot" on an episode of Knight Rider.

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