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The bearcat, also known as the binturong, is a viverrine mammal from Southeast Asia.

Bearcat or bearkat may also refer to:


  • Bearcats!, a short-lived western television program that aired on CBS in 1971
  • The Bearcat, a 1922 film starring Hoot Gibson
  • "Do the Bearcat", a popular Canadian blues song written and performed by David Wilcox
  • Edward "Bearcat" Wright, a professional wrestler popular in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Military and law enforcement[edit]


  • AeroLites Bearcat, an American homebuilt aircraft design
  • Stutz Bearcat, an automobile produced by the Stutz Motor Company
  • BearCat is a registered trademark of Uniden for their line of radio scanners
  • Ruger Bearcat, a single-action .22LR revolver

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