Beat Up the NME

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Beat Up the NME
Remix album by Various artists
Released 1997
Recorded 1996-1997
Genre Electronica, big beat, dance
Producer Fatboy Slim, Simon Thornton
Fatboy Slim chronology
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Beat Up the NME
On the Floor at the Boutique

Beat Up the NME (often subtitled 60 Knockout Minutes Mixed By Fatboy Slim) was a free cassette tape given away with the NME in 1997. It was given the NME tape title of NME NORM1.

The collection was compiled by Fatboy Slim and engineered by long time Cook collaborator Simon Thornton. The mix collects together numerous signature tracks from the late 90's Big Beat era and mixes this with earlier hip-hop and electro sounds.

In many ways, Beat Up the NME is a follow-up to another Big Beat cassette tape given free in the NME which was called Xmas Dust Up. This cassette was released in 1994 and mixed by The Chemical Brothers (whilst they were still known as The Dust Brothers)

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. Pierre Henry - "Psyché Rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix)"
  2. Death in Vegas - "GBH'"
  3. Bassbin Twins - "Volume One-Side Two-Track Two"
  4. Psychedeliasmith - "Fixy Jointy"
  5. Basement Jaxx - "Fly Life"
  6. Elite Force - "Saturnalia"
  7. Monkey Mafia - "Lion in the Hall"
  8. Double 99 - "RIP Groove"
  9. Old Skool Flava - "Booty Beats"
  10. CJ Bolland - "The Prophet (Hardknox Remix)"

Side Two[edit]

  1. E.P.S. - "Big Time"
  2. E.P.S. - "Hype the Funk"
  3. 175 Crew - "Volume One"
  4. Latyrx - "Say That"
  5. Kaleef- "Trials of Life (Fishead Instrumental)"
  6. Mr. Dan - "One Man Banned"
  7. Bassbin Twins - "Out of Hand"
  8. Overseer - "Hit the Tarmac"
  9. Cut La Roc - "Post Punk Progression"
  10. Sensateria - "Give Me My Auger Back"