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Pronunciation "BAY-AH-TUH"
Gender Feminine
Word/name From Latin "beatus" "beatitude"
Meaning Blessed
Region of origin Old World/Western Europe
Other names
Related names Beatrix, Beatrice

Beade redirects here: for details about the town in Galicia, Northwestern Spain, see Beade, Ourense.

For other uses, see Beata (disambiguation).

Beata or Beate is a woman's given name that comes from the Latin beatus or 'beatitude', meaning "happy" or "blessed". It can also be the short-form of Beatrix or Beatrice. Variations include Beáta, Bea, Beade and Beate.

This name is derived from the same Latin word as the concept of beatification, of major importance in the Roman Catholic religion. However, in modern usage, the name is not taken as having a special religious significance, nor is it restricted to people of Catholic background.[citation needed][clarification needed]

People named Beata include: