Beatmania (2006 video game)

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Beatmania (North America) Coverart.png
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s) March 28, 2006
Genre(s) Music game
Mode(s) Single player, Multi-player
Distribution DVD-ROM

beatmania, also known colloquially as beatmania (US) or BMUS to distinguish it from the original arcade game beatmania, is the first version of the music video game beatmania IIDX to be released in the United States. It was officially released by Konami on March 28, 2006 for the PlayStation 2 video game console.

Differences from the Japanese games[edit]

Engine and scoring[edit]

The game uses the engine from the console version of Beatmania IIDX 9th Style, and was originally demonstrated with its original cyan and white UI, but the final release uses a reskinned version of it recolored purple. The judgement also has changed from the Japanese version, with the flashing "Great!" judgement being shown in the North American version as "Perfect", much like in Dance Dance Revolution (recent versions of IIDX in Japan have referred to them as "perfect greats" in their "judge mode" display). The grading system in this game is also significantly easier than the Japanese games, requiring much lower scores to attain the highest grades.


The controller shipped with beatmania US has been considered to be superior to its Japanese counterpart.

Another change from the Japanese version of the game is the included controller has been modified slightly from the original Japanese version. The two controllers are similar in appearance. However, whereas the Japanese controller has a rectangular shape, the American controller features a rounded edge on the side where the turntable sits, and generally has a slightly lower profile. Most players, American or Japanese, felt that the new American controller was a welcomed improvement, making the American controller the preferred choice.

Split track list[edit]

The regular beatmania and beatmania IIDX modes correspond to their regular counterparts, and both feature songs and gameplay mechanics from their respective series integrated into the 9th Style engine (such as 5/10 and 7/14 keys, and the return of free scratch zones in 5-key mode). In contrast, recent IIDX games in Japan have had a 5-key mode selectable in an options menu on the song selection menu.

Song list[edit]

There are 58 tracks in this game (not counting the fact that 20, November is "single mix" on Single and "radio edit" on Double). All tracks are playable in Game Mode, and then in Free Mode after being played once in Game Mode. While there are no hidden songs, only a few are available when starting the game. More appear as the game progresses, but once the game is started again only those same few are available.

Tracks in both beatmania and beatmania IIDX game modes:

Title Artist Genre
Celebration WaveGroup/DJ TK-ST Soul Mix
e-motion e.o.s Rave
First Day Timo Maas Electronica
Funkytown Lipps, Inc. 80's Revival
GENOM SCREAMS L.E.D. LIGHT Psychedelic Trance
Lift Me Up Moby Electronica
The Way You Move Paul Grogan Featuring Natalie Martin Dance
Toxic WaveGroup/Shoichiro Hirata Garage Mix
Virtual Insanity WaveGroup/DJ TK-ST R&B Mix
You Really Got Me WaveGroup/Shoichiro Hirata Breakbeats Mix

Tracks only in the beatmania game mode:

Title Artist Genre
20, November (single mix)/(radio edit) dj nagureo House
321 STARS DJ SIMON Techno Pop
Attack the music DJ FX Hard Techno
Do you love me? Reo Nagumo Ballad
Hunting for You Togo Project featuring Megu & Scotty D. R&B
Jam Jam Reggae Jam Master '73 Reggae
La Bossanova de Fabienne Staccato Two-F Bossa Groove
Manmachine plays Jazz Mikio Endo Jazz Electro
METAL GEAR SOLID Main Theme Espacio Brothers Bigbeat Mix
s.d.z. DJ Mazinger feat. Muhammad Hip hop
Stop Violence! Herbie Hammock & His Band Funky Jazz Groove
tribe groove nite system World Groove
u gotta groove dj nagureo Hip hop

Tracks only in the beatmania IIDX game mode:

Title Artist Genre
5.1.1. dj nagureo Piano Ambient
Attitude Y&Co. Trance
BAD BOY BASS!! (dj Remo-con MIX) Y&Co. NRG
Colors (radio edit) dj TAKA Trance
Dancin' Into The Night good-cool Disco
Digital MinD (A/T Libra mix) TaQ Minimal
era (nostalmix) TaQ Drum'N'Bass
fly through the night Mr.T Trance
g.m.d. DJ Mazinger feat. Muhammad Hip hop
Hitch Hiker good-cool Warp House
Holic TaQ Hard Techno
I Was The One good-cool Italo House
in my eyes ric Trance
jelly kiss Togo Project feat. Sana A.O.R.
LOVE IS DREAMINESS L.E.D.-G vs. GUHROOVY fw/ Asuka Happy Hardcore
M-02stp.ver1.01 Shoichiro Hirata Two Step
Mobo★Moga Orange Lounge French Pop
Mr. T (take me higher) Risky Men feat. Asuka M. Dance Pop
Nothing Ain't Stoppin' Us Shoichiro Hirata Disco
OUTER LIMITS L.E.D.-G Hardcore Breakbeats
Presto Osamu Kubota Piano Ambient
SNOW RAM Drum'N'Bass
Spin the disc good-cool House
Summer Vacation (CU mix) OutPhase (TaQ & dj TAKA) Trip hop
THE SHINING POLARIS L.E.D. feat. Sana Epic Trance
V TAKA Progressive electronic music
Voltage (feat. Hidemaru) TaQ Big Beat
  • The original artists for "Toxic" (Britney Spears), and "Virtual Insanity" (Jamiroquai) are not credited. "You Really Got Me" is the cover version by Van Halen, rather than the original by The Kinks, and is also not credited.

PlayStation 3 Compatibility[edit]

Because the Beatmania controller uses the standard PS2 controller connection, it was not originally compatible with the PlayStation 3. The release of PS3 firmware 1.70 and the Pelican PS3-to-PS2 adapter (which has also been said to work with Guitar Hero controllers and Dance Dance Revolution dance pads) fixes this issue. Unfortunately, the adapter is reported by some to introduce additional input processing time ("lag") that may make playing more difficult for players.


G4's video game show X-Play gave the game 2/5 stars, declaring that the game was a ripoff of the then recently released Guitar Hero (even though the entire Beatmania franchise began in 1997, while the original Guitar Hero was only released in November 2005, a few months before).[1]


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