Beatrice of Castile (1293–1359)

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Beatrice of Castile
Queen consort of Portugal and the Algarve
D. Beatriz de Castela, Rainha de Portugal - The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png
Beatrice of Castile, in Antonio de Hollanda's Genealogy of the Royal Houses of Spain and Portugal (1530–1534)
Spouse Afonso IV of Portugal
Issue Infanta Maria, Queen of Castile
Infante Pedro (later Pedro I)
Infanta Leonor, Queen of Aragon
House House of Burgundy
Father Sancho IV of Castile
Mother María de Molina
Born (1293-03-08)8 March 1293
Died 25 October 1359(1359-10-25) (aged 66)

Beatrice of Castile or Beatriz (8 March 1293 – 25 October 1359) was Queen of Portugal by marriage and Infanta of Castile-León by birth.[1][2] She was the wife of King Afonso IV of Portugal, and the youngest daughter of King Sancho IV of Castile and his Queen, María de Molina.

On 12 September 1309, Beatrice was married to the later Afonso IV of Portugal who was the only son of Denis of Portugal and Elizabeth of Aragon. They had the following children:

Name Birth Death Notes
Infanta Maria 1313 1357 Married to Alfonso XI of Castile
Infante Afonso 12 January 1315 12 January 1315  
Infante Denis 12 January 1317 15 May 1318  
Peter I 8 April 1320 18 January 1367 Succeeded him as 8th King of Portugal
Infanta Isabel 21 December 1324 11 July 1326  
Infante John 23 September 1326 21 June 1327  
Infanta Leonor 1328 1348 Married to Peter IV, King of Aragon



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Preceded by
Elizabeth of Aragon
Queen Consort of Portugal
7 January 1325 – 28 May 1357
Succeeded by
Leonor Telles de Menezes