Beatrice of Luxembourg

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For other uses, see Queen Beatrice of Hungary.
Beatrice of Luxembourg
Queen consort of Hungary
Tenure 1318–1319
Spouse Charles I of Hungary
House House of Luxembourg (by birth)
House of Anjou (by marriage)
Father Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother Margaret of Brabant
Born 1305
Died 11 November 1319 (age 13–14)

Beatrice of Luxembourg (1305 – 11 November 1319) was the youngest child of Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor and his wife, Margaret of Brabant. Her two siblings were John of Luxembourg and Marie of Luxembourg, Queen of France.

In 1318, Beatrice became the second wife of Charles I of Hungary (1288 – 16 July 1342), son of Charles Martel of Anjou and Klementia of Habsburg. He had been married to Maria of Bytom, a member of the Piast Dynasty but she died without giving birth to a son in 1317; so there was more pressure for Beatrice to bear a living son despite her young age.

Beatrice became pregnant in 1319. In November, she went into labour but died while giving birth.

Beatrice of Luxembourg
Born: 1305 Died: 11 November 1319
Royal titles
Preceded by
Maria of Bytom
Queen consort of Hungary
Succeeded by
Elisabeth of Poland