Beatriz de la Cueva

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Beatriz de la Cueva de Alvarado (died September 1541), was the Governor of the Spanish colony of Guatemala from July 1541 until September of that year. She is unique as the only one of her sex to have such a position in a major division of Spanish Latin America in colonial times.

She was the niece of the duke of Albuquerque and the sister of Fransisca de Cueva, who married the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado in 1527. She married her former brother-in-law ten years after the death of her sister. The marriage was childless. After the death of her spouse in 4 July 1541, she rigged the election and succeeded him in the position as governor. As governor, she styled herself La Sin Ventura. She died in a flood which drowned the city of Ciudad Vieja after the eruption of the Volcán de Agua. She was succeeded by her brother Francesco de la Cueva y Villacreces.


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