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Beauf [pronounced /bof/] is a French term describing a man perceived as vulgar, unintelligent, arrogant, uncaring, misogynist and chauvinistic, without any taste for etiquette or good manners. A "beauf" will typically be prompt to jump to conclusions and have strong views on complex social issues, based on an insufficient analysis of the facts, but presented as being plain common sense.

French cartoonist Cabu is responsible for coining the term, which is an abbreviation of "beau-frère" - brother-in-law. The first canonical representation of the beauf is actually the brother-in-law of the Grand Duduche, a cartoon hero.

Another canonical representation of the word beauf can be found in Renaud's songs (see Mon Beauf). The canonical 1970s beauf by Cabu wore a moustache, but the newer versions wear a "cool" ponytail. Another classical example is the cliché army non-commissioned officer: uneducated, vulgar, brutal, and nostalgic about the colonial wars.

The word "beauf" usually corresponds to a right wing-leaning, working class/lower middle class male individual driven by basic instincts and reasoning. Thought to very much enjoy French diesel cars, girls, having a drink with his male friends, and have strong views on how his preferred soccer team/the national soccer team should play.

Australians call them bogans, the English call them yobs. Basically the same concept of undereducated, vulgar and brutal individuals. Alcohol is also a major part of the Beauf's environment as Beaufs are usually thought to be regular heavy drinkers of beers, hard liquors, and cheap wines.

Under the French concept, Beauf implies some bad taste, perhaps some campness, or simply not elitist enough. Most consider the garden gnome to be beauf, as well as wearing mustaches or beards, drinking beer, wearing bucket hats, being a soccer fan or wearing sports outfits whilst observing/attending a sports game.

The nouveau beauf (new beauf) is a more urban and trendy version. Nouveaux beaufs drive four-by-fours/SUVs, are adept of plastic surgery.

A corresponding term in Québec French is colon.

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