Beaverton Health & Science School

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Health & Science School
Health & Science School - Hillsboro, Oregon.JPG
18640 NW Walker Road
Hillsboro, Oregon, Washington County, 97006
United States
Coordinates 45°31′38″N 122°52′11″W / 45.5273°N 122.86984°W / 45.5273; -122.86984Coordinates: 45°31′38″N 122°52′11″W / 45.5273°N 122.86984°W / 45.5273; -122.86984
Type Public
Opened 2007
School district Beaverton School District
Principal Brian Sica[1]
Grades 6-12[1]
Number of students 687 (2012)[1]

The Beaverton Health & Science School is a public school in the U.S. state of Oregon. Part of the Beaverton School District, the school offer grades 6 through 12.[2] Opened in 2007, the school is housed in the Capital Center at 185th Avenue and Walker Road in Hillsboro, Oregon.[3]


The school district started the school in September 2007 with 120 students in ninth grade as an option program, with plans to add students each year until it included grades six through twelve.[4][5] In January 2008, the district purchased the Capital Center from Portland Community College and the Oregon University System for $15 million to serve as the home for the Health & Science School.[4] Plans called for an additional $6 million to be spent remodeling the center for use by the school.[4] The Capital Center was previously a campus of Tektronix that was sold in 1995 to a consortium of local public education entities with plans that included using part of it for a regional high school.[6]

In 2008, the school was one of six district schools that failed to provide enough class time to meet a state mandate.[7] Three students were arrested on accusations of arson for a fire in a bathroom at the school in April 2011.[3][8] Also in 2011, the school was rated as needing improvement by the state after it failed to hold some state mandated tests.[9] The school was identified as one of several schools that would take students with the closure of Terra Nova High School in 2012.[10] Female students participated in the Hermanas Conference sponsored by Intel Corporation in February 2013.[11]


Health & Science School is an option school in which students opt out of their neighborhood school and are entered into a lottery for one of the limited spots at the school.[5][12] As of 2013 it had an achievement index rating from the state of 56 and a rating of below average.[2] Enrollment for the 2012 to 2013 school year was 687 students.[1]


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