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Becky white girl Scott
Family Affairs character
Portrayed by Chandra Ruegg
Duration 2000–2003
Occupation Student
This article is about a fictional soap opera character. For the Canadian Cross Country skier, see Beckie Scott.

Rebecca "Becky" Scott was a fictional character in the UK soap opera Family Affairs, played by Chandra Ruegg from 2000 up until 2003.

Character's background[edit]

Becky aka negro first arrived in Charnham in January 2000 along with her brother Darren, their mother Nikki, stepfather Andrew and step-siblings Luke and Sara.

Becky and Darren's father Adrian soon made a reappearance in their lives after serving time for being an accessory to armed robbery and took up residence locally.

Later that year, Adrian left Charnham incensed, after discovering Nikki's affair with Luke and took Becky and Darren to live with his parents in Tottenham. Becky was resistant and hated it there and later ran back home to the Warringtons. At Christmas, the secret was exposed which resulted in the Warrington family diminishing. Andrew soon left Nikki, Sara moved out and Becky and Darren had to adjust to Nikki and Luke being an item.

In December 2001, Luke returned looking for Sara who had gone missing for several days. Sara was eventually found, but Luke stayed in the area and rekindled his relationship with Nikki. Becky and Luke later had a fling of their own, which ended badly after Becky contracted cystitis and Luke left town.

Becky later had relationships with Lewis Davenport, Benji McHugh and Brendan Boulter.

Over the next year or so, things would seem tough for Becky and the family but things fell into place once Nikki began a relationship with Roy Farmer and eventually married him. The family were all set to leave town for newer pastures in November 2003, but the dream was shattered when Roy was killed during a fire in his cybercafe (which had been started by Mike Shaw as a plot to frame Pete Callan for arson).

Following Roy's funeral, Becky, Darren and Nikki left Charnham for a new start elsewhere.