Bed of Roses (1996 film)

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Bed of Roses
Bed of roses.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Michael Goldenberg
Produced by Allan Mindel
Denise Shaw[1]
Written by Michael Goldenberg
Starring Mary Stuart Masterson
Christian Slater
Music by Michael Convertino
Cinematography Adam Kimmel[1]
Edited by Jane Kurson[1]
Distributed by New Line Cinema[1]
Release dates
January 26, 1996 (USA)
February 1, 1996 (Australia)
February 16, 1996 (UK)
Running time
87 minutes[2]
Country United States
Language English

Bed of Roses is a 1996 romance film that starred Mary Stuart Masterson and Christian Slater. It was written and directed by Michael Goldenberg.[3]


Lisa Walker (Mary Stuart Masterson) is a business executive who has gotten used to being alone but doesn't like it very much. She was abandoned by her birth parents, and then spent most of her childhood being raised by Stanley (S.A. Griffin), a foster father who never really loves Lisa (and it's implied that he molested her), after her adopted mother died. One day, Lisa gets word that Stanley has died; alone in her apartment, after attempting to feed her now dead pet fish, she breaks down and cries uncontrollably. The next day at work, Lisa gets an unexpected delivery of flowers from a secret admirer. Puzzled, Lisa presses the delivery man for information on who might have sent her the flowers, and he confesses—he sent them himself. Lewis (Christian Slater) runs a flower shop and often takes long walks through the neighborhood, trying to lose his memories of his deceased wife and child. He saw Lisa crying in her window and hoped the roses would cheer her up. Before long, Lisa and Lewis begin dating, but both have some emotional issues to resolve before their story can have a happy ending.




No. Title Music Length
1. "Boom"   Michael Convertino 3:57
2. "Tuesday"   Michael Convertino 3:03
3. "Dream"   Michael Convertino 2:40
4. "Independent Love Song"   Scarlet 3:50
5. "Too Much Perfection"   Michael Convertino 1:45
6. "I Looked Up"   Michael Convertino 2:57
7. "Ice Cream"   Sarah McLachlan 2:46
8. "In Winter"   Michael Convertino 1:51
9. "Amelia and the King of Plants"   Michael Convertino 3:09
10. "Family"   Michael Convertino 2:14
11. "Wait"   Michael Convertino 1:58
12. "Killing Time"   Daniel O'Brien 3:33
13. "Nervous Heart"   The Borrowers 3:24
14. "Snow Fell On Water"   Michael Convertino 2:29
Total length:


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