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Origin Dallas, Texas
Genres Indie rock
Years active 1991–1998
Labels Trance Syndicate
Members Matt Kadane
Bubba Kadane
Tench Coxe
Kris Wheat
Trini Martinez

Bedhead were a Texas-based indie rock band active in the 1990s (1991–1998). Bedhead's music was generally subdued, with a polyphonic sound based on the interlocking of single-line melodies played by three electric guitars and one electric bass guitar (often played with a capo), nearly always using clean (undistorted) tones, prompting comparisons to the Velvet Underground.[1] The group's vocals were often delivered in such a low key manner that they were quite difficult to decipher.[2] This unusual sound was dubbed by some critics as "slo-core," referring to the slow tempos of many of the band's songs, though the band's members objected to the labeling in interviews. In reality, many of the group's songs do not remain slow and quiet throughout, instead beginning very slowly and quietly and gradually building in intensity and volume. Bedhead also experimented with time signatures less commonly used in rock music, by playing some songs in 7/8 or 5/4 meter.

In 1999, a year after the breakup of Bedhead, Matt and Bubba Kadane went on to form a band called The New Year, whose style is similar to Bedhead's.


The roots of the band trace back to brothers Matt and Bubba Kadane playing music together as children in Wichita Falls, Texas. Drummer Trini Martinez was the first addition to the band, followed by guitarist Tench Coxe and bassist Kris Wheat.[3] They released two early singles on Dallas-based record label Direct Hit Records.

Signing with Trance Syndicate[edit]

In 1993 the band came to the attention of King Coffey, drummer of the Butthole Surfers and founder of Trance Syndicate Records, who signed them to Trance Syndicate shortly after hearing them. Bedhead's debut album, WhatFunLifeWas, was released in 1994, to positive reviews. They released two EPs before their second full-length, Beheaded. Their last LP, Transaction De Novo, was recorded by Steve Albini and released in 1998. In a departure from their usual sound, Transaction De Novo featured more up-tempo, heavily distorted songs than its predecessors.[4][5]


Bedhead broke up shortly after the release of Transaction De Novo. The Kadane brothers went on to form The New Year, and signed onto Touch and Go Records. The joint album Macha Loved Bedhead was released in 2000, featuring the Kadane brothers and the members of Macha. Tench Coxe went on to earn a PhD in Russian Literature from Columbia University.


Bubba and Matt Kadane formed Overseas with David Bazan of Pedro The Lion and Will Johnson of Centro-matic. Their debut album was announced on April 4, 2013 and will be released on June 11, 2013.

Band personnel[edit]

  • Matt Kadane (electric guitar, vocals)
  • Bubba Kadane (electric guitar, vocals)
  • Tench Coxe (electric guitar)
  • Kris Wheat (electric bass guitar)
  • Trini Martinez (drum set)







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