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בְּדֹלַח, בדולח
Bedolah is located in the Gaza Strip
Coordinates: 31°19′46″N 34°15′21″E / 31.32944°N 34.25583°E / 31.32944; 34.25583Coordinates: 31°19′46″N 34°15′21″E / 31.32944°N 34.25583°E / 31.32944; 34.25583
Founded 1986
Founded by Orthodox Jews
Name meaning Crystal

Bedolah (Hebrew: בְּדֹלַח, lit. Crystal) was an Israeli settlement and army base in the Gush Katif settlement bloc, located in the southwest edge of the Gaza Strip.[1] Home to 220 religious Jews, its inhabitants were evicted, its houses demolished, and its land surrendered to the Palestinian National Authority as part of Israel's disengagement of 2005.


A group of residents refuses to evacuate during the disengagement. August 17, 2005.

Bedolah was founded as a paramilitary Nahal settlement in 1979, and handed over to civilians in 1986 as an Orthodox agricultural settlement.[2] It was home to 33 settlement's families and a population of 220.[2] Most residents were from a group of children of the Moshavim from the Western Negev and the Tel Mond area.[citation needed] The settlement has also absorbed a group of immigrant families from France.[citation needed]

Its main industry was hothouse crops such as vegetables and flowers.[citation needed]

The residents of Bedolah were forcibly evicted from their homes on August 17, 2005 by the 'blue' brigade manned mostly by the Israeli Air Force personnel.[citation needed]


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