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Entrance to Bedrock City

Bedrock City is a campground and 30-acre (120,000 m2) theme park in Custer, South Dakota in the Black Hills which features buildings and characters inspired by The Flintstones television series. The facility was created by a pair of Custer concrete makers.


Mount Rockmore

The park's entrance includes a large gift shop, the Bronto Rib drive-in restaurant, and a large statue of Dino up on a rock. After entering the park, visitors can ride a train whose tracks circle the park and returns to the depot after passing through a volcano called Mt. St. Wilma. Bedrock's City Hall welcomes visitors to the prehistoric town which includes the homes of the Flintstones, the Rubbles, Mr. Slate, and Mr. Granitebilt. Other features are a working movie cinema, playhouse theatre (featuring a show by the Flintstone Trio: Fred, Wilma, and Dino), radio station, telephone company, grocery store, police department, dentist's office, beauty parlor, stonescraper, fire department, Water Buffalo lodge, auto garage, and bank buildings. Interiors are decorated in the style of the show and feature sculpted and animated characters going about their daily lives in Bedrock. A feature at one end of Main street is Mt. Rockmore, a replica of nearby Mt. Rushmore with the heads of Fred, Barney, Dino, and Mr. Granitebilt carved into a hill. There is also a playground with lots for the kids including a slideasaurus and a running Flintmobile which takes you on a lap around the playground.

The campground is tucked away behind the park and includes a swimming pool, laundry/arcade, grocery store, putt-putt golf, playground, bath houses, and many campsites.

A second Bedrock City is located in Valle, Arizona.[1]


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