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Bee Hive Records was a jazz record label established in 1977 by Jim Neumann in Chicago.


# Artist Album Year Personnel
7000 Nick Brignola Baritone Madness 77 Pepper Adams, Ted Curson, Dave Holland, Roy Haynes, Derek Smith
7001    Dizzy Reece Manhattan Project 78 Roy Haynes, Art Davis, Clifford Jordan, Charles Davis, Albert Dailey
7002 Sal Salvador Starfingers 78 Eddie Bert, Nick Brignola, Sam Jones, Mel Lewis, Derek Smith
7006 Sal Nistico Neo / Nistico 78 Ted Curson, Nick Brignola, Ronnie Mathews, Sam Jones, Roy Haynes
7007 Curtis Fuller Fire And Filigree 78 Sam Jones, Freddie Waits, Walter Bishop, Jr., Sal Nistico
7008 Ronnie Mathews Roots, Branches And Dances 78 Frank Foster, Ray Drummond, Al Foster, Azzedin Weston
7009 Sal Salvador Juicy Lucy 78 Billy Taylor, Art Davis, Joe Morello
7010 Nick Brignola The Burn Brigade 79 Ronnie Cuber, Cecil Payne, Walter Davis, Jr., Walter Booker, Jimmy Cobb
7011 Ronnie Mathews Legacy 79 Ricky Ford, Bill Hardman, Walter Booker, Jimmy Cobb
7012 Johnny Hartman Once In Every Life 80 Victor Gaskin, Keith Copeland, Al Gafa, Billy Taylor, Joe Wilder, Frank Wess
7013 Roland Hanna New York Jazz Quartet In Chicago 81 George Mraz, Ben Riley, Frank Wess
7014 Clifford Jordan Hyde Park After Dark 81 Von Freeman, Cy Touff, Norman Simmons, Victor Sproles, Wilbur Campbell
7015 Junior Mance Truckin' And Trackin' 83 David "Fathead" Newman, Martin Rivera, Walter Bolden
7016 Dick Katz In High Profile 84 Frank Wess, Jimmy Knepper, Marc Johnson, Al Harewood
7017 Arnett Cobb Keep On Pushin' 84 Joe Newman, Al Grey, Junior Mance, George Duvivier, Panama Francis
7018 Clifford Jordan Dr. Chicago 85 Jaki Byard, Red Rodney, Vernel Fournier, Ed Howard
01 Various The Bee Hive Sessions: Unissued Tunes Vol 1