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Coordinates: 36°53′47.9″N 82°47′19.9″W / 36.896639°N 82.788861°W / 36.896639; -82.788861 Bee Rock Tunnel is a former railroad tunnel that is located in Appalachia, Virginia. It was built in 1891 by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad.[1] The tunnel is now part of the Bee Tunnel-Roaring Branch Trail.[2]

Though known locally as the "world's shortest railroad tunnel", at 47 feet, 7 inches long, it is 1 foot, 7 inches longer than the Westmoreland Tunnel, in Gallatin, Tennessee.[3] Both tunnels, however, are longer than the Backbone Rock Tunnel near Crandull, Tennessee, which at around 20 feet long, is also known locally as the "world's shortest railroad tunnel."[4][5]


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