Beebe Plain-Beebe Border Crossing

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Beebe Plain-Beebe Border Crossing
US-Canada Border at Beebe.jpg
US-Canada Border at Beebe
Country United States; Canada

US Port: Beebe Road, Beebe Plain, Vermont 05823

Canadian Port: 2 Principale Street, Stanstead, Quebec J0B 3E5
Coordinates 45°00′21″N 72°08′32″W / 45.005836°N 72.14211°W / 45.005836; -72.14211
Opened 1909
US Phone (802) 873-3055
Canadian Phone (819) 876-2119
Hours Open 24 Hours

The Beebe Plain-Beebe Border Crossing connects the town of Stanstead, Quebec with Beebe Plain, Vermont. This crossing is best known for being bisected by Canusa Street which runs along the Canada–United States border for almost a half-mile, before emerging between the US and Canadian border stations. Residents on the south side of Canusa Road live in the US, and their neighbors across the street from them live in Canada.[1] They are prohibited by law from visiting one-another without first reporting to border inspectors. For many years, this crossing was also the site of the world's only international post office, with one postmaster and two doors, one for American customers and one for Canadian Customers. That building, built in the 1820s, still stands. The historic elements of the US border crossing station were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014.

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