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Rebuilt GE P40DC locomotives at Beech Grove in 2010.

The Beech Grove Shops is a railway maintenance facility in Beech Grove, Indiana, outside Indianapolis. Beech Grove is Amtrak's primary maintenance facility.[1] It also contains a very large freight yard.


The shops were originally constructed in 1904-1908 by the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway (the "Big Four"), servicing a network stretching across the Midwest into Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. The facility was used as the company’s repair shop for steam locomotives, passenger, and freight cars. The facility passed to the New York Central Railroad in 1922, on its formal acquisition of the Big Four, and then on to Penn Central Transportation in 1968 when the Central merged with the Pennsylvania Railroad. During this time, Pennsylvania Railroad was its rival.[clarification needed] Penn Central declared bankruptcy in 1970.[1] Amtrak purchased the facility from the bankrupt Penn Central in 1975.[2]


Although the shops were acquired by the New York Central Railway (NYC) in 1906, the Big Four worked as an independent business until it was formally merged with its owner in 1922.


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