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Beekman Fire Company, Inc.
Beekman Fire 34.jpg
Agency Overview
Employees 70
Staffing Volunteer
Fire chief Robert Mallen
Facilities & Equipment
Stations 1
Engines 3
Trucks 1
Squads 4
Rescues 1
Ambulances 1

Beekman Fire District is the name of the fire district that serves the town of Beekman, New York. The fire station is located in the hamlet of Poughquag at 316 Beekman Poughquag Road.[1] Beekman has been assingned a department ID number of "34". Firefighters in Beekman get alerted via paging through the Dutchess County Department Of Emergency Response, which is located in Poughkeepsie.


Beekman Fire District was the first[citation needed] fire district in Southern Dutchess County, originating in 1937.[2] The company originated with a few men talking it over at the Poughquag General Store and around the community. The first meeting was held in Town Hall at Poughquag on March 1, 1937. Soon, officers were elected, the constitution and bylaws drawn up and incorporated papers applied for.[2] Beekman was the first fire company formed within Dutchess County's 8 original towns in 1937,[citation needed] following East Fishkill Fire Department was formed, followed by Pawling. In 1977, Beekman was one of the first volunteer fire departments in the area to acquire the Hurst Tool.[3] The fire department received the United States Life Safety Achievement Award for five consecutive years in 2003.[4] The award recognizes local fire prevention that contribute to reducing the number of lives lost in Residential House Fires each year.[5]

Companies that provide mutual aid to Beekman, during a large scale event are Union Vale, Dover, East Fishkill, LaGrange and Pawling.

In April 2005 Beekman's rescue 34-51 was returning from a mutual-aid call in Pawling, when the driver suffered a heart attack and lost control of the truck, killing himself and destroying the truck. 34-51's predecessor was 34-52 Rescue.[6]

Beekman's ladder 34-11 at a fire call in 2006.

Department Squads[edit]


The Beekman Ladies auxiliary are a group of females; often wives of firefighters at the firehouse, that conduct and assist at Bingo, Blood Drives, Fund Raising and preparing food for firefighters after Class A alarms.[7]

Engine Company[edit]

The Beekman Fire Company, Engine Company is responsible for handling all non-medical emergencies within the town's jurisdiction. Calls that the engine company are dispatched too may contain, but are not limited to Auto Accidents, Brush Fires, House Fires, and heavy rescue/extraction incidents. The engine company utilizes the Incident Command System while responding to structure fires, while utilizing the command boards located in each of the Supervisors vehicles.

Fire Police[edit]

The Beekman Fire Police are full empowered Peace Officers in the state of New York, pursuant to Section 209-c of the General Municipal Law (GML) and are registered through the Central State Registry of Peace Officers. Fire Police are charged with responsibilities such as crowd control, directing traffic at drills, fires and parades while maintaining a safe working condition for firemen on location. Prerequisites for becoming a Fire Police officer in Beekman includes completion of the NYS mandated "Fire Police" course, and receiving coaching from a senior Fire Police officer that has been in the squad for quite some time.

Rescue Squad[edit]

Calls to 9-1-1 for emergency medical services are dispatched through the Dutchess County Department of Emergency Management. The Beekman Rescue Squad is composed of Certified First Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians. A single Ambulance with Basic Life Support capabilities[8] is staffed by the rescue squad. All Advanced Life Support requests are sub-contracted out to Transcare EMS, which is housed at the Beekman Fire House


Fire Calls for 2007[edit]

From January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007 the Beekman Fire District dealt with the following numbers of emergencies:[9]

  • Structural fires: 21
  • Non-structural fires: 14
  • Non-fire emergencies: 886
  • Medical emergencies: 681
  • Total: 1,002

In total in 2007 there were 3 "serious" fires that became 2 Alarm fires or greater. The average response time was between 6–12 minutes and varied during different times during the day, and how many crews were on standby at the fire station.


All equipment is housed at the main station.

Ident. Number Capacity Type
34-11 4 Quint
34-12 6 Rescue Engine
34-13 6 Engine
34-31 2 Tanker
34-32 2 Tanker
34-61 2 Brush Truck
34-67 5 Utility
34-68 12 Squad Car
34-71 3 BLS Ambulance
34-79 3 ALS Ambulance

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