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BeerTender is a home keg-tapping system manufactured by Krups in a joint venture with brewer Heineken.


The BeerTender operates via a miniaturized version of a commercial bar or pub draught tap. The Beertender uses pressurized carbon dioxide to create a greater pressure within the closed hydraulic system (which includes the keg and plumbing, thus the beer flows out of the spout to seek an equilibrium of pressures.

Special 5 litre (1.32 US liquid gallons) are purchased with beer supplied in a plastic bag. The BeerTender has the ability to refrigerate this beer. Single use tubes are also required to connect the beer to the tap.

Models that have been produced include the B90 which has LCD display which shows internal temperature and remaining amount for the keg. The B95 has an LED display reading the same info. The latest model, the B100 has only an LED illumination for the power and temperature. Both the B90 and B95 are no longer produced according to Krups.


Heineken claims their beer will be free of spoilage for up to 4 weeks.

  • All tubing must be replaced as a hygiene measure to guard against contamination.

Rivalry with InBev and Philips[edit]

Heineken commenced a similar joint-venture with Philips, but Philips opted out. Heineken subsequently joined up with Group SEB conglomerate which owns Krups. Following the success of the BeerTender, Philips introduced a rival product PerfectDraft a joint-venture with Interbrew. Heineken took Philips to court over claims of plagiarism but Heineken lost the suit in December 2005.

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