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Beer in Serbia (Serbian language: пиво / pivo) is not well known or famous outside of its national borders.


Beer for home consumption is mostly sold in 0.5-litre bottles of deposit type (reused) and 0.33-litre glass bottles, as well as cans. Recently,[when?] most breweries began packing their product in plastic Q-pack bottles of 1.5, 2 or even 2.5 litres. In bars and restaurants, beer is either served in 0.33 or 0.5L bottles, or as "draught" (točeno).[citation needed]


Serbia does not have legislation that limits liquor sales to specific licensed places. Hence beer (and any other liquor) can be purchased anywhere, including kiosks, supermarkets, grocery shops, gas stations and convenience shops.[citation needed]


Pale lager dominates in Serbia, and dark lager, while being popular, is produced in smaller quantities. Some breweries produce kvas. Some European and American brands are distributed.[citation needed]


Which brew is the best, and indeed which brews are good or bad is, of course, a disputed subject.

Belgrade Beer Fest organizes opinion polls of its visitors. The results, per year, are:

Year 1 2 3
2005[1] Jelen Tuborg MB
2006[2] Jelen Tuborg Weifert
2007[3] Jelen

In a February 2004, in an online poll conducted by, the largest Serbian search engine, 5304 visitors voted on what is the "best domestic beer". The winner was Jelen, with 30% of the votes, followed by MB (26%), and Nikšićko (16%), while all other brews received 7% or less votes.[4]

Breweries and beers[edit]

In Serbia[edit]

  • Bečej[5]
    • Old Gold - light and dark
    • Gerber's - light and dark

In Nemenikuce, next to Kosmaj, is the place of the first Serbian craft brewery that does unfiltered and unpasteurized beers like India Pale Ale, American Pale Ale, Belgian Blond, Porter and more, the name is Kabinet Brewery,[7]

  • Vršac - obsolete since 2010[11]
    • Šampion
    • Zoffmann (two varieties: light and dark)
    • Natural Beer
  • Zrenjanin: Zrenjaninska industrija piva (ZIP)
    • Rooster Beer

Foreign brands brewed in Serbia[edit]

Зајечарско пиво амбалажа

Beer festivals[edit]

Belgrade Beer Fest[edit]

Main article: Belgrade Beer Fest

Started in 2003, Belgrade Beer Fest is held annually over 3–4 days at the foot of Belgrade's Kalemegdan fortress as a showcase event for various beer producers. In addition to domestic and foreign brews at affordable prices, the festival features live music performances each evening. It has quickly grown in size and popularity.[13] On 31 December 2005 British daily The Independent named it as one of the worldwide events to visit in 2006.[14]

Dani piva[edit]

Dani Piva (Beer Days) is a beer festival in Zrenjanin, started in 1985, organised by the Zrenjanin brewery (Zrenjaninska industrija piva).[15]

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