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Looking North along the beach at Beesands

Beesands is located midway between Hallsands and Torcross in South Devon. Once a famous fishing village, it is now more important as a tourist destination with its setting on Start Bay. The local pub is famous for its crab sandwiches. There is an Anglican chapel in the village dedicated to St Andrew. Beesands is still a highly renowned fishing village but mainly concentrating on crab and lobster fishing through Britannia Fisheries.

Keith Richards' family spent regular holidays at Beesands during the 1950s. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger's first public performance was at The Cricket Inn:

  • `Doris: We had Keith and Mick down in Beesands in Devon for the weekend one summer when they were sixteen, seventeen. They used to run coaches from Dartford. Keith had his guitar with him. And Mick was bored to tears down there. “No women,” he said. “No women.” There was nobody down there. Beautiful place. We rented a cottage on the beach. The old boys used to go out and catch mackerel right outside the front door. They used to sell them for sixpence each. Not much for them to do. Swim... They went to the local pub because Keith brought his guitar down. They were quite amazed how he could play then. '[1]
  • `Keith, seventeen, continued to accompany his parents on their annual summer vacation in Devon. In the summer of 1961 Mick joined them, and there Keith and Mick performed in public for the first time in a pub, as an Everly Brothers-style duo. As soon as Keith started playing, everyone fell silent. Afterward, as Keith stood at the bar and bathed in the glow of applause, his ambition and business sense emerged. “I wish,” he whispered to his mother, “we had a manager.”'[2]

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Coordinates: 50°15′11″N 3°39′26″W / 50.25306°N 3.65722°W / 50.25306; -3.65722


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