Beeville, Indiana

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Coordinates: 40°13′18″N 86°47′24″W / 40.221570°N 86.790090°W / 40.221570; -86.790090

Beeville was a small town, now extinct, in Lauramie Township, near the southern border of Tippecanoe County in the U.S. state of Indiana.[1] It was platted in 1884 along the Toledo, St. Louis and Western Railroad and consisted of at least 10 lots.[2] Though it gained some inhabitants, the town never saw much growth, and little to no trace of it remains today.


Beeville is located at 40°13'18" North, 86°47'24" West (40.22157, -86.79009) on County Road 600 East at an elevation of approximately 796 feet. It sits in Lauramie Township along the grade of the abandoned railroad.


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