Behind Office Doors

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Behind Office Doors
Mary Astor-Ricardo Cortez in Behind Office Doors.jpg
Directed by Melville W. Brown
Produced by Henry Hobart (associate producer)
William LeBaron (producer)
Written by Alan Schultz (novel Private Secretary")
Carey Wilson (writer) (screenplay)
J. Walter Ruben (adaptation and dialogue)[citation needed] (uncredited)
Starring See below
Cinematography J. Roy Hunt
Edited by Archie Marshek
Rose Loewinger
Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures
Release date(s) March 15, 1931
Running time 82 minutes
Country USA
Language English

Behind Office Doors is a 1931 Pre-code American film directed by Melville W. Brown.

In 1959, the film entered the public domain in the USA due to the copyright claimants failure to renew the copyright registration in the 28th year after production.[1]



  • Played as dance music in the nightclub - "Three Little Words" (Music by Harry Ruby, lyrics by Bert Kalmar)


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