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Behn may refer to:


  • Aphra Behn (c. 1640–1689), English dramatist
  • Ari Behn (born 1972), Norwegian author and husband to Princess Märtha Louise of Norway
  • Friedl Behn-Grund (1906–1989), German cinematographer
  • Hernan Behn (born ?), Puerto Rican businessman; brother of Sosthenes Behn
  • Harry Behn (also known as Giles Behn; 1898–1973), U.S. screenwriter and children's author
  • Jerry Behn (born 1954), U.S. politician
  • Noel Behn (1928?–1998), U.S. novelist, screenwriter, and theatrical producer
  • Peter Behn (born 1934), U.S. voice actor
  • Richard R. Behn (born ?), NOAA rear admiral
  • Robin Behn (born 1958), U.S. poet and professor
  • Sarla Behn (born Catherine Mary Heilman; 1901–1982), English Gandhian social activist
  • Sosthenes Behn (1882–1957), Puerto Rican businessman; brother of Hernan Behn
  • Wilhelm Friedrich Georg Behn (1808–1878 ), German anatomist and zoologist

First name[edit]


  • Behn River, river of Western Australia
  • Behn's bat (Glyphonycteris behnii), a rare South American bat species
  • Waldemar Behn, usually called just BEHN, German alcoholic beverage company

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