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Behnaz Akhgar(born 1979 or 1980 [1]) is a Welsh weather presenter of Iranian origin currently working for BBC's Wales Today. She broadcasts the morning and weekend bulletins with Sue Charles, and acts as a relief presenter for meteorologist Derek Brockway.[2] Behnaz or Benny, is from a Persian-Welsh background; her first language is Persian.[3]

She entered the Miss Wales pageant in 1998.

Early life[edit]

Behnaz was born in Shiraz, Iran.[3] She moved to Swansea when she was 10 years old and has lived in Wales ever since.[3] When she arrived in Britain she spoke no English at all. She attended Dynevor comprehensive school and then University of Glamorgan where she gained a BA in communication studies. She completed her postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism at Cardiff University.[citation needed]


Akhgar joined the BBC in 2001, working behind the scenes, before becoming a picture editor and video journalist. During this time, she applied for weather-presenting jobs, landing her current role in 2008 - on her third attempt.[4]

Akhgar presents the morning and weekend weather bulletins with Sue Charles, and acts as a relief presenter for meteorologist Derek Brockway when he is away. She also presents regular bulletins on BBC Radio Wales throughout the day.

Akhgar has also broadcast features on the BBC World Service about the plight of women in the developing world.


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