Beigang, Yunlin

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Coordinates: 23°34′N 120°18′E / 23.567°N 120.300°E / 23.567; 120.300

Beigang Township in Yunlin County
Beigang Township

Beigang Township or Peikang Township (Chinese: 北港鎮; pinyin: Běigǎng Zhèn) is an urban township in Yunlin County, Taiwan. The Beigang River borders the town on the east and south.


The China Medical University (Taiwan) has a branch in Beigang.

Beigang is only a short drive (approximately fifteen minutes by car) from National Chung Cheng University, one of Taiwan's foremost research universities.

Tourist attractions[edit]

The Beigang Tourist Bridge is 450m long and 6m wide. The three bridge rings are composed like a dragon.

Local cuisine specialities[edit]

  • Beigang Cakes (traditional wedding cakes)
  • Beigang Peanuts and Broad Beans

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