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Belén Esteban Menéndez

Belén Esteban Menéndez is a Spanish television personality. She began her television career on the Spanish channel Antena 3. In 2004 she followed her colleague Ana Rosa Quintana to Telecinco. In 2009 she left "El programa de Ana Rosa" to participate in a new Telecinco show called "Sálvame". Although the show has changed its format over the years, as at 2014 it continues to feature Esteban.

"Sálvame" attracted a large audience, although it received criticism for its focus on the private life of celebrities: one complaint regarded the coverage of Esteban's own school-age daughter, who was discussed in the context of custody issues.[1] It has been characterised as telebasura or junk TV.[2]

At the end of 2009 Esteban underwent cosmetic surgery ahead of her appearance on Telecinco's New Year's Eve special: Google revealed a massive increase in searches for her on the internet.[3] Her other TV appearances include the competitive dancing programme ¡Más que baile! where she was the winner of 2010.

In 2011 she appeared in a cameo role in Lethal Crisis, a 3-D film in the Torrente series.[4]


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