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Belarus Cricket Council Logo
Belarus Cricket Council Logo
ICC membership granted n/a
ICC member status non-member
ICC development region Europe
World Cricket League division n/a
Captain Kaushal Tiwari
Coach {{{current_coach}}}
First recorded match June 2005
As of 1 August 2007

The Belarusian Cricket team is the team that represents Belarus in International Cricket competitions. They are not officially endorsed by the International Cricket Council and are therefore not entitled to participate in ICC Official events, however they do have an application to the European Cricket Council pending, which should see them granted Affiliate Status in the near future.[when?]

They have only just been established but have already proved more successful than many of their other Baltic counterparts.

In June 2005 the side won the first ever Baltic Cricket Cup, under successful captaincy of Kaushal Tiwari, Competing against 3 other teams; Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Like the other Baltic nations much of the national team is made up of Asian players who already have some experience of the game, but there is some hope that soon more locals will be involved as well. Gomel State Medical University won the Sintez-MM Trophy 2006; a national competition held annually in Belarus. The competition was held in Gomel and it was the first time the Competition has been held outside Minsk and played on the grass ground with all original cricket equipments.

Despite not having an international status the club cricket scene is flourishing in Belarus, primarily centred on a 5 team national cup held in the city of Gomel.[citation needed] A large crowd gathered to watch the spectacle of the final in 2006, and pamphlets were produced in Russian to allow the locals to develop a better understanding of the game. Formation of Belarus Cricket Council is completed and Dr Kaushal Tiwari has appointed as founder chairman of the BCC.

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