Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange

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Belarus Currency and Stock Exchange
Type Stock exchange
Location 48 Surganova Street, Minsk, Belarus
Founded 1998 (1998)
Key people Ruben Aganbegyan (President)
Currency Belarusian ruble

The open joint-stock company Belarus currency-stock exchange (Belarusian: Белорусская валютно-фондовая биржа) was formed in 1998 in accordance with the Decree of the President of Belarus from July 20, 1998 №366 “On perfection of system of state regulation of the stock market”. The founders of the stock exchange were the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (a control share holding), Fund of the state property of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Belarus and a number of large banks of the Republic of Belarus.


The history of Belarus Currency and Stock Exchange began in March 4 1993, when eighteen banks of the Belarus co-founded as a closed joint stock company the "Interbank Currency Exchange". The main purpose of its creation was the organization of the market mechanism quotes national currency. On March 24, 1993 the Interbank Currency Exchange held its first trading session, which resulted in the National Bank of Belarus has been set the official exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble to the non-cash Russian ruble.


The supreme body of management of open joint-stock company “Belarus currency-stock exchange” is General meeting of shareholders. The structure of shareholders of a stock exchange, except for founders includes banks, the broker/dealer subsidiaries of republic, etc. The Management of a stock exchange between the General meetings of shareholders is carried out by the Supervisory council.

Except for the organization of the trades, the stock exchange carries out functions of the settlement depositary institution in the exchange market of not state securities, function of the operator of settlement-clearing system by all kinds of securities and tools of the term market, and also carries out registration of the transactions concluded on the over-the-counter market with stocks of open joint-stock companies and voucher “Housing”.


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