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The months of the year used with the Gregorian calendar in the Belarusian language differ from the original Latin month names:

No. English name Belarusian name Transliteration Belarusian meaning
1 January Студзень Studzień month of cold
2 February Люты Luty cruel or frosty
3 March Сакавiк Sakavik month of the birch sap
4 April Красавiк Krasavik month of beauty, month of flowers, month of blossom
5 May Травень Travień month of grass
6 June Чэрвень Červień red month, meaning month when berries ripen and turn red
7 July Лiпень Lipień month of the lipa (linden tree) blossom
8 August Жнiвень Žnivień month of harvesting
9 September Верасень Vierasień month of heather
10 October Кастрычнiк Kastryčnik month of "kastryca" (wastes that remain after combing of flax, a flaxen straw)
11 November Лiстапад Listapad falling leaves
12 December Снежань Śniežań month of snow

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