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Belas is one of the seven municipalities that make up the province of Luanda, as per the new administrative division of the province (the others being, Luanda, Cazenga, Cacuaco, Viana, Icolo e Bengo and Quiçama).

Belas was created by an administrative reform voted by the Angolan parliament on March 31, 2011.[1] The seat of the municipality is Kilamba and the municipality administrator is Mrs. Joana Antónia Quintas.


The municipality of Belas has an area of 1.077Km2.


The municipality has an estimated population of 753.000 inhabitants with a 5.000/m2 density.

Administrative Division[edit]

Commune Area Pop Neighb Vil
Benfica 275Km2 10.025 23 6
Camama 28
Futungo de Belas 3.090Km2 12.600 12
Ilha do Mussulo 45Km2 12.600 7
Barra do Kwanza 8.000 6
Vila Estoril 6
Ramiro 24Km2 12.000 6

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