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Taiga beer bottle

Belgh Brasse is a brewery in Amos, in the Abitibi region of Northwestern Quebec, Canada.


The business was founded in 1999 by Jean-Louis Marcoux, a Belgian brewmaster. At the beginning, the business was selling the beer “8”. In 2004, Jean-Louis Marcoux, a devoted entrepreneur and beer brewing passionate, brought together some private investors to grow the brewery.

In 2011 Belgh Brasse launched a new product, the beer Mons.



Their first product was called "8", a Belgian-style bottle-fermenting beer. This beer is not on the market anymore.


Their second product was the Taïga, a golden ale launched at Christmas 2004. The water for this beer was taken from a local esker; the high quality of this water was one the reasons of the beer success. This beer is not on the market anymore.


Their last beer is called Mons, it is a product line of three abbey ale inspired beers. They have a white beer (Abbey Witte), a blonde beer (Abbey Blonde) and a dubell (Abbey Dubbel). The name Mons comes from the Mons city, where Jean-Louis Marcoux, the brewmaster and president of Belgh Brasse, was born and raised. The water used to brew those beers still comes from an esker from Abitibi. The name Mons is inspired by the city of Mons, where Jean-Louis Marcoux, the brewmaster was born. This beer already have success in United States and in Canada.


The Mons Abbey Witte beer won a medal in the category Wheat beer Belgian style white/wit at the Canadian Brewing award 2012.

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