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Municipality in the Belgian Eifel, Province of Liège

The Belgian Eifel (German: belgische Eifel) is that part of the North and West Eifel that lies on the Belgian side of the Germany-Belgium border. The term is not universally used, because the boundary between the Eifel and the Ardennes in the area of the High Fens is not clearly defined.

The following areas may be considered part of the Belgian Eifel:

  • Part of the Zitterwald (western section of the North Eifel), where this upland area runs into Belgium towards Bütgenbach
  • The westernmost part of the Schnee Eifel (Ommerwald) and the German-speaking area around Sankt Vith
  • The Hohes Venn (Hautes Fagnes), although this can be considered part of the Ardennes
  • Geologically and geographically the Land of Eupen can also be counted as part of the Eifel, even if its inhabitants would not class themselves as living within it.
  • A small part of the Ösling (hill country in northern Luxembourg).

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