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The Belgian Fourth Division D (Vierde Klasse in Dutch) is one of the four leagues at the fourth level of the Belgian football league system, the other ones being the Belgian Fourth Division A, B and C. This division has existed since the 1952-53 season and is played every year with 16 clubs in each league.

The season is divided into three periods of ten matches to make a total of 30 games. The team with the most points is promoted to the Belgian Third Division as champion. The winners of each period (assuming they meet the criteria) enter the playoffs (Eindronde in Dutch) with the other nine teams from Promotion A, B and C. The 6 winners go to the second round with the sides who finished 14th in the Third Division. The 4 winners qualify for the final and the 2 winning teams play in the Third Division the following season.

Teams who finish 16th, 15th and 14th are relegated to the Belgian Provincial Leagues. The 13th placed team has to playoff in order to stay in the division.

The 2010-2011 clubs[edit]

Club Municipality Province Finishing position last season[1]
R. Aywaille F.C. Aywaille Liège 8th
R.J.S. Bas-Oha Wanze Liège 11th
R.E.S. Couvin-Mariembourg Couvin Namur 1st of Namur Division One
Etoile Elsautoise Thimister-Clermont Liège 1st of Liège Division One
U.S. Givry Bertogne Luxembourg 5th
J.S. Habaysienne Habay Luxembourg 1st of Luxembourg Division One
R.R.C. Hamoir Hamoir Liège 10th
R.F.C. Hannutois Hannut Liège 12th
R. Léopold Uccle Forestoise Uccle Brussels 1st of Brabant Division One
R.R.F.C. Montegnée Saint-Nicolas Liège 5th of Liège Division One1
R.F.C. Sérésien Seraing Liège 4th
R. Sprimont-Comblain Sport Sprimont Liège 9th
R.F.C. Turkania Faymonville Waimes Liège 2nd of promotion C
R.F.C. Union La Calamine Kelmis Liège 10th of promotion C
R. Union Wallonne Ciney Ciney Namur 2nd
R. Wallonia Walhain C.G. Walhain Walloon Brabant 6th

^ — R.R.F.C. Montegnée finished first of the Liège Division One play-off, qualifying for the Belgian interprovincial play-off, which it won

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