Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 1980

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Eurovision Song Contest 1980
Country  Belgium
National selection
Selection process Eurosong
Selection date(s) 24 February 1980
Selected entrant Telex
Selected song "Euro-Vision"
Finals performance
Final result 17th, 14 points
Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Belgium was represented by synth-pop band Telex, with the song '"Euro-Vision", at the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 19 April in The Hague. Telex were the winners of the Belgian national final for the contest, held on 24 February. Synth-pop had never previously been tried in a Eurovision final, and the choice of song and group caused much comment, particularly regarding the implied sarcasm directed towards Eurovision in the song's deliberately banal lyrics.


French-language broadcaster RTBF was in charge of the selection of the Belgian entry for the 1980 Contest. The final took place at the RTBF studios in Brussels, hosted by former Belgian Eurovision entrant Jean Vallée. Seven songs participated in the selection and the winner was chosen by an expert jury. The titles of four of the songs are currently missing.[1]

24 February 1980
Draw Artist Song Place
1 Bruno Brel "Être heureux rien qu'une heure" -
2 Domani "???" -
3 Kevin Morane "???" -
4 Lou "Et puis, et puis...rien" -
5 Sonia "???" -
6 Telex "Euro-Vision" 1
7 Timothy "???" -

At Eurovision[edit]

At the end of the performance, lead singer Michel Moers produced a camera from his pocket and took a photograph of the audience. This is unique, in that it is the only photograph in existence taken from the stage during the live Eurovision broadcast.

On the night of the final Telex performed last in the running order, following Spain. It was the first time that a song of this nature had been entered for Eurovision, and the audience reaction was somewhat bewildered, as if they were unsure whether or not it was meant to be a joke entry. The reaction was largely shared by the juries, as at the close of the voting "Euro-Vision" had received only 14 points, placing Belgium 17th of the 19 entries. Singer Marc Moulin later claimed that the band had hoped to finish last and blamed the Portuguese jury for thwarthing their aims, although how much of this was bravado after a bad result in the contest is open to conjecture. The Belgian jury awarded its 12 points to contest winners Ireland.[2]

Points Awarded to Belgium[3][edit]

12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points Awarded by Belgium[4][edit]

12 points  Ireland
10 points  Italy
8 points  Luxembourg
7 points  Germany
6 points  United Kingdom
5 points  France
4 points  Portugal
3 points  Netherlands
2 points  Switzerland
1 point  Austria

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