Believe (The Chemical Brothers song)

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Single by The Chemical Brothers featuring Kele Okereke
from the album Push the Button
Released 2 May 2005 (UK, Australia)
Format CD, 12"
Recorded 2004
Genre Breakbeat, big beat, house
Length 7:01
Label Virgin

The Chemical Brothers

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"The Boxer"
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"Believe" was the second single from The Chemical Brothers 2005 album Push the Button. The single was released in early May 2005 and peaked at #18 in the UK charts (see 2005 in music). Kele Okereke, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the indie rock band Bloc Party is featured on vocals. The song was featured in the 2005 snowboarding video "Flavor Country" by Sandbox. It also samples the opening of Daft Punk's Face to Face

Music video[edit]

The music video, directed by Dom and Nic, contains scenes filmed at the now defunct MG Rover Longbridge plant now owned by SAIC . It starts out with a man watching women in an exercise video dance on a window TV in a store, possibly spoofing the then-recent video for Eric Prydz's single "Call On Me". The man turns out to be a paranoid factory worker terrified of the automated assembly robot he operates, possibly under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs or possibly painkillers, as he has a cast on his left arm. He imagines the machines watching and threatening him, seeing them outside the factory, chasing him before disappearing. Finally, even after quitting his job, the man is pursued to the top of the building by one of the arms, where it lunges at him before disappearing. He runs onto the street, and sees multiple machines lumbering toward him, and his view of the world disintegrates into a mess of geometric shapes and colours. He collapses, laughing hysterically as robots disappear once again.

Track listings[edit]

In the UK[edit]

  • CD 1 CHEMSD22
  1. "Believe" (Edit)
  2. "Giant"
  • CD 2 CHEMSDX22
  1. "Believe" (Extended Version)
  2. "Spring"
  3. "Believe" (Erol Alkan's 'Feel Me' Re-Work)
  4. "Believe" (Video)
  • 12" CHEMST22
  1. "Believe" (Extended Version)
  2. "Galvanize" (Abe Duque Remix)
  3. "Giant"

In Australia[edit]

  • CD 8699502
  1. "Believe" (Extended Version)
  2. "Spring"
  3. "Believe" (Erol Alkan's 'Feel Me' Re-Work)

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