Belizean general election, 1984

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General elections were held in Belize on 14 December 1984.[1] The result was a victory for the opposition United Democratic Party, which won 21 of the 28 seats. Voter turnout was 75.0%.[1]


In its more than 30 years of existence the ruling People's United Party had never lost an election at the national level, whilst the opposition had never won more than six seats (out of a possible eighteen in 1974). However, by 1984 the PUP were presiding over an economy in recession and that had just recently been bailed out by the IMF. The party was internally fractured and faced a United Democratic Party that had made significant gains since losing the last general election in 1979.

Just a few months before elections, Prime Minister George Price ordered a redistricting of electoral boundaries. This created ten new constituencies for a total of 28, but the majority were upset because of claims that the PUP drew the boundaries with victory in mind.


Party Votes % Seats +/-
United Democratic Party 25,756 54.1 21 +16
People's United Party 20,961 44.0 7 -6
Christian Democratic Party 708 1.5 0 New
Independents 213 0.5 0 New
Invalid/blank votes 673 - - -
Total 48,311 100 28 +10
Source: Nohlen


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