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Location of King George Island in the South Shetland Islands.

Bellingshausen Station is a Russian (formerly Soviet) Antarctic station at Collins Harbour, on King George Island of the South Shetland Islands. It was one of the first research stations founded by the Soviet Antarctic Expedition in 1968. It is also the location of Trinity Church, the only permanently staffed Eastern Orthodox church in Antarctica.

The station is named for the 19th-century Russian explorer of the Antarctic Fabian von Bellingshausen.

The station is connected by unimproved roads to the nearby stations: Chilean Base Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva, Chinese Great Wall Station, and Uruguayan Artigas Base.[1]

The Antarctic Peninsula and its nearby islands are considered to have the mildest living conditions in Antarctica. The average temperature around the station in the coldest month (August) is -6.8°С (19.76°F), and +1.1°С (34°F) in February, the warmest. Russian polar residents have nicknamed the Bellingshausen Station "kurort" (Russian: курорт), which is a German loan word meaning "resort".

It is antipodal to a location in Russian Siberia.

The station made an appearance during an episode of Syfy's Destination Truth when Josh Gates and his team visited the station when they were investigating nearby Deception Island for paranormal activity. They interviewed the scientists and were given a tour of the base.

The band Metallica visited there in December 2013. [2]



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Coordinates: 62°12′S 58°58′W / 62.200°S 58.967°W / -62.200; -58.967