Belliveau's Cove, Nova Scotia

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Belliveau's Cove, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Belliveau's Cove, Nova Scotia
Belliveaus Cove in Nova Scotia
Belliveau's Cove Post Office

Belliveaus Cove (French: Anse-des-Belliveau) is an Acadian community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in the District of Clare in Digby County. A major centre of wooden shipbuilding in the 19th and early 20th century, Belliveaus Cove built the second largest wooden ship ever constructed in Canada, County of Yarmouth in 1884.

Coordinates: 44°22′48.68″N 66°4′9.75″W / 44.3801889°N 66.0693750°W / 44.3801889; -66.0693750 (Belliveaus Cove, Nova Scotia)