Belmedpreparaty, RUE

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Belmedpreparaty, RUE.
Industry Pharmaceutical
Founded 1929 (1929)
Headquarters Minsk, Belarus
Key people
Viktor E. Zalessky (General director)
Number of employees
2,800 (2011)

Belmedpreparaty, RUE is the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer of the Republic of Belarus.[1] The enterprise fully belongs to the Department of Pharmaceutical Industry of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.


The enterprise was founded in 1929 as the first in Belarus pharmaceutical factory.[clarification needed] Initially, the company produced valerian, mint drops, iodine, wormwood, lily-of-the-valley tinctures, camomile and cotton wool.


Belmedpreparaty, RUE produces original and generic medicines. It is the only Belarusian manufacturer of insulin, enzymatic and biogenic drugs, drugs for cancer and tuberculosis treatment, narcotic and psychotropic drugs.


Photolon is a new remedy for photo-dynamic therapy produced by Belmedpreparaty, RUE.


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