Belojević noble family

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Country Serbia Serbian Principality
Estates Travunia[1] (with Konavle)
(hinterland of Dubrovnik and Boka Kotorska, with seat at Trebinje)[2]
Titles County lord (Župan)
Founded before 839
Final ruler Čučimir
Dissolution after 892, before 969
Ethnicity Serb

Belojević (Serbian: pl. Белојевићи) was a Serbian noble family that served the first Serbian Principality (768–960). Beloje, the eponymous founder, was the lord of Travunia under Prince Vlastimir of Serbia (c. 836–850), though he may have had his position under preceding rulers Radoslav or Prosigoj (fl. 819–822). Vlastimir married his daughter to Krajina, the son of Beloje, and gives Krajina the title of Župan, sometime after the Bulgaro-Serb War (839–842).[1] Krajina's descendants continue the rule of Travunia (hinterland of Dubrovnik and Boka Kotorska, with seat at Trebinje[2]) under the Serbian crown; his son Hvalimir, and his son Čučimir. No more is known of the family after the De Administrando Imperio by Emperor Constantine VII (945–959). In 969, Serbia was conquered by the Byzantine Empire.


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