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Type Subsidiary of GN ReSound
Industry Hearing Health Care
Founded 1940
Headquarters Glenview, Illinois, USA; Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Key people Todd Murray, President

Founded in 1940, Beltone is a hearing aid company headquartered in Glenview, Illinois, and one of the largest, most advanced manufacturers and distributors of hearing aids in the world. Beltone products are sold in the United States, Canada, and over 40 countries across the globe.

In North America, Beltone has over 1500 independently owned hearing care centers. Known as the “most trusted name in hearing care” among adults over 50, Beltone provides comprehensive hearing care, including hearing screenings, hearing aid fittings and follow-up care. In addition, Beltone offers a complimentary aftercare program called BelCare™, which covers Beltone hearing aids in several ways for as long as their patients own them.

Beltone Hearing Aids[edit]

In 2012, Beltone released its one-of-a-kind hearing aid—the Beltone Promise™. Beltone Promise is the only hearing aid on the market that uses wireless 2.4 GHz technology—the most advanced method of streaming sound from an audio source. Wireless technology allows the hearing aid wearer to stream sound from a television, mobile phone or computer directly into their hearing instruments. In 2011, Beltone received the International CES Innovations in Design and Engineering award for its revolutionary use of 2.4 GHz technology in hearing instrumentation.

Beltone was also the first to introduce a Made for iPhone® hearing aid accessory called Direct Phone Link 2, and to offer an app called SmartRemote that allows hearing aid wearers to control their hearing aids with their iPhone® or Android™ device, in conjunction with Direct Phone Link 2.

Beltone Promise hearing aids offer a robust feature set that uses sophisticated algorithms to mimic the way normal hearing works. As ears do, the hearing aids automatically adjust when an individual moves from quiet to loud settings. This makes it easier to hear in loud background noise, or when sounds or voices are coming from different directions. It also has special settings for listening to music, blocking wind noise, and counteracting Tinnitus.

"Beltone First, the First Made for iPhone® Hearing Aids"[edit]

Released in March 2014, the Made-for-iPhone connectivity of the Beltone First hearing aids offers direct streaming of sounds from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, allowing wearers to utilize their hearing aids like wireless headphones to talk on the phone or listen to movies and music in high-quality stereo sound without the need for an additional remote control or intermediate body-worn devices.

The hearing aids also add significant audiological and practical benefits for individuals with hearing impairment through the accompanying iPhone app. Users can set preferred volume levels and treble/bass settings directly via the iPhone, and use geo-tagging to assign and adjust the hearing aid settings to the acoustics of frequently visited places such as home, work, favorite restaurants— and more. The app also features a “Find My Hearing Aid” function to help users locate their hearing aids if misplaced.

Styles of Hearing Aids[edit]

Beltone hearing aids come in dozens of styles. Micro-technology allows hearing aids to be extremely small, yet effective. Beltone’s smallest hearing aid, the Beltone microInvisa™, is about the size of a raspberry. Known as an Invisible-in-the Canal (IIC) hearing aid, the Beltone microInvisa is custom-manufactured to conform to a patient’s ear canal. That allows the hearing device to sit comfortably within the ear canal, completely out of sight.

Other popular models fall into the lightweight Behind-the-Ear (BTE) category. A very small case hides in the shadow behind the ear, and connects to the ear canal via a tiny, clear tube. BTE hearing aids let a patient have a hearing evaluation and receive hearing aids the same day. Beltone hearing aids are carefully programmed to address an individual’s specific hearing deficit.

Beltone BelCare™ Program[edit]

Beltone hearing aids come with BelCare, a program of ongoing care and protection that provides hearing care and hearing aid coverage. An annual hearing evaluation, 30-day refund policy, toll-free patient-care telephone number, and coverage for loss or damage are among the BelCare benefits.

Beltone's History[edit]

  • 1940: Sam Posen opens Beltone in Chicago, IL and introduces the Model H hearing aid
  • 1944: Beltone launches Mono-Pac, the first all-in-one hearing aid in the industry
  • 1946: Beltone releases Harmony —the smallest hearing aid available at the time
  • 1969: Beltone creates earmolds for astronauts in the space program to protect their hearing during lift-off and re-entry
  • 1971: Beltone begins conducting hearing loss research and development at their headquarters
  • 1979: Beltone opens for business in Canada
  • 1983: Beltone introduces its first custom in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid
  • 1989: Beltone unveils the most powerful in-the-canal hearing aid available
  • 2007: Marq becomes the smallest and most cosmetically “invisible” hearing aid in its class
  • 2011: Beltone True is the first hearing aid with 2.4 GHz wireless technology and a set of functional upgrades that exceed industry standards for size and comfort
  • 2013: Beltone releases its SmartRemote app for iPhone® and Android™ devices
  • 2014: Beltone releases the first Made for iPhone® hearing aid, Beltone First™

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