Belvedere (band)

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Origin Calgary/Edmonton
Genres Skate punk
Melodic hardcore
Punk rock
Pop punk
Years active 1995–2005, 2011-present [1]
Labels Hourglass, 206, Jump Start, Union Label Group, Household Name
Associated acts This Is A Standoff
Members Steve Rawles
Scott Marshal
Jason Sinclair
Graham Churchill
Past members Jay Hollywood
Chris Foster
Dan Hhrynuik

Belvedere is a Canadian skate punk band formed in 1995. Originally not meant to play a show, they gained a cult following in Canada's punk scene. Known for their blazing fast speed and melodic vocals, the band have also appeared on the Warped Tour and Groezrock Festival bills. Taking their name from the '80s sitcom, Belvedere began in Calgary, Alberta, in 1995 as the three-piece of Steve Rawles (guitar/vocals), Brock (bass), and Dan Hrynuik (drums). As the years progressed along with their revolving lineup, Belvedere remained with their melodic pop-punk sound that looked up to the likes of Bad Religion and NOFX. Eventually recruiting second guitarist Scott Marshall, replacement drummer Jay Hollywood, and a replacement bassist Jason Sinclair, the quartet released their debut album, Because No One Stopped Us, in 1998 through Hourglass and 206 Records. After spending most of 1999 on the road - along with Bad Religion and Strung Out, for a stint - Jump Start Records released Belvedere's follow-up album, Angels Live in My Town, in early 2000. In 2001, Jump Start Records and the Montreal imprint Union 2112 released Twas Hell Said Former Child, Belvedere's proper second album that coincided their first ever European tour. A split release with Downway, Hometown Advantage, was issued in 2003. When it came time to recovene for another studio album, Belvedere joined producer Blair Calibaba (Sum 41) in Calgary for the recording of Fast Forward Eats the Tape. Shared dates with Death by Stereo, Tsunami Bomb and Misconduct followed in spring 2004. The band broke up in late 2005, playing their last show to their hometown Calgary crowd in November. Steve and Graham later went on to form This is a Standoff in 2007.

After 7 years apart Belvedere are getting back together for a reunion tour in 2012. These shows will take place in Canada, South America and Europe.[2] As of late 2011, it is unknown whether Belvedere will be releasing new material and playing shows beyond their 2012 reunion tour commitments.

Although no plans have been made to officially reunite as a band, lead singer Steve Rawles recently confirmed that he has been writing new song material.

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Year Album
1998 Because No One Stopped Us
2000 Angels Live in My Town
2002 'Twas Hell Said Former Child
2003 Hometown Advantage
2004 Fast Forward Eats the Tape

Music videos[edit]

  • High School Heroics (1998)
  • Closed Doors (2004)
  • Slaves to the Pavement (2004)
  • Two Minutes for Looking So Good (2004)
  • Brandy Wine (2004)
  • Elementally Regarded (2004)


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