Belvedere Garden

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Belvedere Garden
Belvedere Square

Belvedere Garden (Chinese: 麗城花園) is one of the largest-scale private housing estates in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong, located at the seaside of Tsuen Wan West.

Developed by Cheung Kong Holdings, it comprises 6,016 flats in 19 high rise residential towers developed in 3 phases.[1] It was completed between 1987 and 1991.[2] It was designed to be a self-contained community and was designed with a shopping arcade and a wet market.



Western Harbour Crossing

  • 934 Bayview Garden ↔ Wan Chai (O'Brien Road)


  • 96 Tsuen Wan (Hoi Pa Street) ↔ Tsing Lung Tau
  • 96A Yau Kom Tau Village ↔ Tsuen Wan Station
  • 96B Belvedere Garden ↔ Tsuen Wan Station
  • 96C Tsuen Wan Station ↔ Bellagio
  • 96M Tsuen Wan Station ↔ Tsing Lung Tau
  • 96P Tsuen Wan West Station Public Transport Interchange ↔ Belvedere Garden
  • 302 Hong Kong Garden ↔ Kwai Fong

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Coordinates: 22°22′19″N 114°06′07″E / 22.3719°N 114.1020°E / 22.3719; 114.1020