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The Walking Dead character
Ben, as portrayed by Tyler Chase in the television series.
First appearance Issue #2 (comics)
"Made to Suffer" (episode 3.08)
Last appearance Issue #61 (comics)
"This Sorrowful Life" (episode 3.15)
Portrayed by Tyler Chase
Family Allen (father)
Donna (mother)
Billy (twin brother; comics)
Dale (surrogate father; comics)
Andrea (adoptive mother; comics)

Ben is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and television series, where he is portrayed by Tyler Chase.

Comic book series[edit]

Ben was Allen and Donna's twin son. He is unofficially adopted by Dale and Andrea after their parents die.[volume & issue needed] He does not seem to understand what is happening in the world as it is. On the road to D.C., Ben brutally slaughters his twin brother, Billy, convinced that he will come back.[volume & issue needed] The group debates killing Ben to protect themselves, but takes no immediate action. In the night, Carl sneaks into the van where Ben is locked up, and executes him. Ben and Billy are buried side by side.[volume & issue needed]

Television series[edit]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Ben is Allen and Donna's son, and a member of Tyreese's group. In the episode "Made to Suffer", Donna has been bitten by a walker, and the three travel to the prison with Tyreese and Sasha. Donna succumbs to her infection and dies, and Tyreese smashes her skull with his hammer to prevent her from reanimating. In the episode "The Suicide King", Ben supports his father's plot to take over the prison, which Tyreese thwarts. Rick later returns, and Tyreese's group leaves the prison when Rick seems to demand for them to get out. Ben survives with them for several days in the forest and in the episode "I Ain't a Judas", they are discovered by Andrea and Milton, the latter of whom takes them to Woodbury. In the episode "Prey", with his father, Ben joins The Governor's army. When Allen attacks Tyreese, Ben tries to intervene, but Tyreese easily pushes him back. In the episode "This Sorrowful Life", Ben is among other members of the Woodbury army setting up an ambush to attack Rick when he comes to the prison, which is disrupted when Merle makes a surprise attack on them. Ben dies when he steps in front of a bullet meant for The Governor, and Merle fatally shoots him. After Merle is killed, the reanimated Merle eats an arm off of Ben's corpse.

Development and reception[edit]

Zack Handlen, writing his review of "Made to Suffer" for The A.V. Club, called Ben "The Young Guy Who Can’t Handle Death".[1] Eric Goldman at IGN, in his review of "The Suicide King", contrasted the "very grounded, good-hearted" Tyreese and his sister Sasha against Ben and Allen with their "more nefarious plans".[2] Zack Handlen, in his review of "I Ain't a Judas", calls Tyreese and his group ending up at Woodbury one of the episode's big character movements. He notes that these characters "in a quick, not completely forced conversation declare their allegiance to the Governor over crazy man Rick". Handlen does find it "hard to blame them, but it's also hard to get worked up about who they fight with, given how little of a connection they have with the prison folk, and how little we still know of them".[3] Handlen, in his review of "Prey", commented on this group that viewers "barely know Tyreese, know Sasha a bit less, and the other two are just warm bodies with names I have to look up online".[4]


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