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Ben Aaronovitch
Born 1964 (age 49–50)
London, England
Occupation Author/Writer

Ben Denis Aaronovitch (born 1964) is the London-born British author of the best selling Rivers of London series of novels.



Aaronovitch is the son of the late economist and Communist[1] Sam Aaronovitch, and the younger brother of actor Owen Aaronovitch and British journalist David Aaronovitch.[2]

Doctor Who and TV work[edit]

Aaronovitch wrote two Doctor Who serials Remembrance of the Daleks (1988) and Battlefield (1989) for BBC television,[3] and also the novelization of the former.

He wrote one episode for Casualty (1990) and was then a regular writer on science fiction series Jupiter Moon.

He subsequently wrote or co-wrote three Doctor Who spin-off novels in the Virgin Publishing New Adventures range; he created the character Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart who became a semi-regular in the New Adventures. He has also written a novel and several short stories published by Big Finish Productions featuring the character of Bernice Summerfield, who was originally developed in the New Adventures.[4] He also co-wrote a Doctor Who audio drama for Big Finish, and has written a number of Blake's 7 spin-off audio dramas.

Rivers of London[edit]

Aaronovitch currently lives in Wimbledon and is working on a series of urban fantasy police procedurals (Rivers of London) which have achieved considerable success.[5][6]


Doctor Who[edit]


  • "Results" (1990)

Jupiter Moon[edit]

  • Episode 69 (1990)
  • Episode 70 (1990)
  • Episode 80 (1990)
  • Episode 81 (1990)
  • Episode 95 (1990)
  • Episode 119 (1996)
  • Episode 120 (1996)
  • Episode 131 (1996)
  • Episode 132 (1996)
  • Episode 148 (1996)

Dark Knight[edit]

  • "Stonegod" (2001)[7]

Audio Dramas[edit]

Blakes' 7[edit]

  • Rebel (2007)
  • When Vila Met Gan (2008)
  • Eye of the Machine (2008)
  • Blood and Earth (2009)

Doctor Who[edit]


Doctor Who novelisations[edit]

Virgin New Adventures (Doctor Who)[edit]

Rivers of London[edit]


Short stories[edit]


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