Ben Weaver

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Ben Weaver
Genres Rock, experimental music
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician
Instruments Vocals, guitar, banjo
Years active present
Labels Bloodshot Records

Ben Weaver is an American singer-songwriter (born 1980). He has a distinctive voice that is often likened to that of Tom Waits, and critics regularly compare his songwriting to that of Leonard Cohen.[1]

Weaver was born in Eugene, Oregon but grew up mostly in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has a worldwide following, though his popularity is strongest in his native Midwest of the United States.

Weaver grew up in a musical household and always expected to make music his life. After one year of college he dropped out and began traveling, which provided experiences that would feed his songwriting.

His first album, "El Camino Blues", was released in 1999 and featured Greg Brown, with input from Tony Glover. Weaver then undertook his first tour, in support of the album. His second album, "Living in the Ground," was recorded in one five-hour-session and featured Bo Ramsey. His third album, "Hollerin' at a Woodpecker," released in 2002, was critically acclaimed in Britain and the United States, including being named No.3 Americana album of the year by Mojo magazine.[2] The success laid the ground for the international release of his fourth album, "Stories Under Nails," in 2004, followed by his first international tour. On subsequent tours Weaver has appeared with many artists including the Waifs and Kristin Hersh.[3]

His 2010 album, Mirepoix and Smoke, was inspired by the time he spent working in a Minneapolis restaurant after taking a break from recording and touring in 2009. He is also a poet and fiction writer whose short story, "Humanesque," was included in the 2009 anthology "Amplified: Fiction from Leading Alt-Country, Indie Rock, Blues and Folk Musicians," and whose poem "Devastations" won the 2009 What Light Grand Jury Prize.


  • 1999, El Camino Blues, (Unit Three Records)
  • 2002, Hollerin' at a Woodpecker, (30/30 Industries)
  • 2003, Living in the Ground, (30/30 Industries)
  • 2004, Stories Under Nails, (Fugawee Bird Records)
  • 2007, Paper Sky (Fugawee Bird Records / Glitterhouse Records Germany)
  • 2008, The Ax in the Oak (Bloodshot Records / Glitterhouse Records Germany)
  • 2010, Mirepoix and Smoke (Bloodshot Records) [4]
  • 2014, I Would Rather Be A Buffalo (Hymie's Records)


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