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Benadir (Somali: Banaadir, Persian: بنادرBanādir) is a coastal region in Somalia. It covers most of the country's seaboard opposite the Indian Ocean, from the Gulf of Aden to the Juba River, including the capital Mogadishu.

Benadir is derived from the Persian bandar, which means "port" in allusion to the coastal cities of Mogadishu and Barawa. The place name reflects the region's medieval position as a key trade center with Persia and the Arabian peninsula. Benadir is also reputed for its special breed of goats.[1]

The historical region gives its name to the current administrative region (gobol) of Banaadir, which is smaller and coextensive with Mogadishu.


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Coordinates: 2°07′N 45°24′E / 2.117°N 45.400°E / 2.117; 45.400